We Proudly Present... Virtual-Caddy

We Proudly Present... Virtual-Caddy

We Proudly Present... Virtual-CaddyWe Proudly Present... Virtual-CaddyWe Proudly Present... Virtual-Caddy

the ultimate 3D Virtual golf course information Tour



Virtual-Caddy combines  drone video and panoramas,  laser scanning, and panoramic photography for the most sophisticated online marketing possible.   Prospective members can experience the appeal and beauty of your site  with Virtual-Caddy, and players/guests get critical information about each hole, along with pro tips about the layout, which club to use, etc. 


What Virtual-Caddy does for your course,  VR-TOURS-ELITE does for your clubhouse or resort.   VR-TOURS-ELITE provides  a high-definition  online  virtual trip through every part of your facilities and grounds, with emphasis on special areas and attractions.  First, you view the grounds from several "birdseye" perspectives, then you travel magically around to all parts of the facilities and  grounds, moving in and out of buildings and rooms, as desired, as if riding a magic carpet!   This is the ultimate way to show the beauty and attraction of your site, especially to prospective members who have not yet visited your course in person.

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Additional information

Virtual-Caddy offers special benefits for guests and first-time players; 

V-C provides hole by hole familiarization with the course and information for course planning.

Features of Virtual-Caddy:

* Virtual-Caddy offers high-definition flyover video  of all of the course's


* Virtual-Caddy Flyovers show distances from tee box to shot locations and 

   greens,  and they also show locations of any course hazards.

* The V-C program includes an interactive hole map marking the tee box, 

   shot locations,  and green...with pro tips about each location.  The user can

   move back and forth  between map locations as needed.

* V-C includes panoramic views of tee box and green that give full 360 look

   at the area.

* V-C includes laser-scanned green map that shows contours and slopes,

   with accuracy to the millimeter.

* Pro Tips in the Interactive Hole Map section  give information such as ...

         --which third or segment of the fairway to hit your drive or other shot

         --the best part of the green to hit your approach shot to

         --any uphill or downhill lie shots, and how many yards to add or subtract 

            from the shots

         --identification of safe and aggressive plays

         --which golf clubs to consider for use on each shot from tee to cup

         --other vital information on how to best play each hole

Features of VR-TOURS-ELITE:

* VR-TOURS-ELITE  provides highly  effective marketing to  guests and 

   prospective members, who can experience the beauty and appeal of your 

   grounds and facilities from home or mobile devices, before they even visit

   your site.

* VR-TOURS-ELITE utilizes the most advanced technologies to give top-

   quality media views of facilities and grounds.

* VR-TOURS-ELITE can be installed on your own website or hosted by Virtual-



Our Story

We realized that there was very little available information on the course being played for visiting guest players and first-time golfers or prospective club/course members.  Our goal is to create and provide better tools to help golfers prepare for their rounds of golf on your course.

Our Vision

Course management is often the most overlooked concept of golf even though one of the most important.

We give players an overview, introductory game plan to attack the course so they are proactive rather than reactive.

Virtual-Caddy is a golf course preparation program designed to help give golfers a game plan to attack the golf course.

We provide drone flyovers and views of each hole as well as course management strategies on how to best play each hole.

Technology and Our Tools

Our technology is the highest level of quality.

We use top quality professional drones, 360-degree laser terrestrial scanners, and high resolution panoramic photography to create 3D views of the courses.

Our GPS is accurate to within one yard from anywhere on the fairway.  And our laser scans of the green produce amazing accuracy...to the nearest mm.

Virtual-Caddy and VR-TOURS-ELITE by ScanArch, llc